As a governmental body under Wis. Stats. § 33, all of our meetings are open to the public, pursuant to Wis. Stats. § 19.83.

A legal notice of the upcoming board meeting (including the agenda) will be published in the Lodi Enterprise a minimum of one week before the meeting.  The annual meeting notice/agenda and newsletter will be mailed to homeowners two weeks prior to the meeting. Notices for all meetings are also posted on the town of Lodi bulletin boards:  Lodi Town Hall, W10919 County Road V, Lodi, Wisconsin, and  the BP Gas Station, N2695 Park Street, Lodi, Wisconsin.

To view past board meeting packets and minutes, simply click on the links below.

October 12 – Agenda / Minutes
August 27, 9:00 a.m., Lodi Town Hall (Annual Meeting) – 
Newsletter / Agenda / Minutes
July 20 – 
Agenda / Minutes
March 30 – Agenda / Minutes
January 26 – Agenda / Minutes

August 21 (Annual Meeting) – Newsletter / Agenda / Minutes
June 30 – Agenda / Minutes
March 24 – Agenda / Minutes
January 27 – Agenda / Minutes

August 26 – Agenda / Minutes  
August 15 (Annual Meeting) – Newsletter / Agenda / Minutes
July 9 – Agenda / Minutes
April 8 – AgendaMinutes
January 8 – Agenda / Minutes

August 17 (Annual Meeting)
– Newsletter / Agenda / Minutes
July 15 – Agenda / Minutes
June 17 – Agenda / Minutes


August 25 (Annual Meeting)Newsletter / Agenda / Minutes
July 16 – AgendaMinutes
June 13 – Agenda / Minutes
April 2 – Agenda / Minutes
February 14 – Agenda / Minutes


August 19 (Annual Meeting) – NewsletterAgenda / Minutes
July 12Agenda   /   Minutes
May 10Agenda   /   Minutes
March 13 Agenda   /   Minutes

Annual Meeting

The Harmony Grove Lake District’s annual meeting is typically held on the third Saturday in August. A written notice to all electors is mailed at least 14 days in advance of the meeting.

As stipulated by Wis. Stats. § 33.30 (3) and (4), the annual meeting gives the electors in the District the opportunity to elect one or more commissioners to fill board vacancies, approve a budget for the coming year, and take up and consider other proposed business.

Who can vote?

To vote at the annual meeting of the Lake District, a voter must be a U.S. citizen over 18 years of age who is either:

  1. An elector (a qualified voter who resides in the district);
  2. An owner of property within the district:
    • A person whose name appears as an owner of real property on the tax roll,
    • A person who owns title to real property even though the person’s name does not appear on the tax roll (i.e., spouse); or
    • A person who is the official representative, officer or employee authorized to vote on behalf of a trust, foundation, corporation, association, or other organization owning real property in the district.