Board Members

Management of the affairs of the HGLPRD are delegated to a board of commissioners (Wis. Stats. § 33.28 (2)).  The Board consists of six members: four property owners within the district, one liaison appointed by the town of Lodi, and one liaison appointed by Columbia County.

Property owners serving on the board are elected by secret ballot at the District’s annual meeting (held in August) by qualified electors and property owners within the district.  They serve staggered 3-year terms.  The liaisons appointed by the town of Lodi and Columbia County are appointed by their governing body and serve 2-year terms.

Current Board members and their terms are listed below:

Chairman: Jim Matras (Re-elected 8/21/21; Term 2021-2024)
Secretary/Treasurer: Vicki Halverson (Re-elected 8/17/19; Term 2019-2022)
Board Member:  Mark Stace (Elected 8/21/2021; Term 2021-2024)
Board Member:  Jenn Zumm (Elected 8/15/20; 2020-2023)
Columbia County Liaison: Herb Hansen (Appointed 5/27/20; Term 2020-2022)
Town of Lodi Liaison: Marc Hamilton

Please consider serving on the Board.  Send us an email at:

Board Responsibilities

The Board is broadly responsible for the governance of the Lake District.  Except for powers reserved to the electors and property owners at the annual meeting, all of the powers of the Lake District are exercised by the Board.


The Board has the specific power to:

  • Initiate and coordinate surveys for the District;
  • Plan lake protection and rehabilitation projects;
  • Cooperate with other units of government in enacting ordinances as needed;
  • Adopt and carry out lake protection and rehabilitation plans;
  • Maintain liaisons with state government officials involved in lake protection and rehabilitation , and provide the WI Department of Natural Resources with the names and addresses of current board members; and
  • Control the fiscal matters of the District, subject to the powers and directives of the electors and property owners at the annual meeting.


The Board is legally required to carry out specific duties:

  • Schedule the annual meeting of the Lake District between May 22 and September 8.
  • Prepare an agenda and proposed budget for the annual meeting.
  • Have an audit prepared at the end of each fiscal year for the annual meeting.
  • Mail a written notice (including the agenda and proposed budget) of the annual meeting (and any special meetings) at least 14 days in advance to:
    • each owner of property within the district (as listed on the tax roll);
    • each elector whose address can be ascertained with reasonable diligence; and
    • the WI Department of Natural Resources.
  • Conduct the annual meeting (and any special meetings or public hearings). This is the responsibility of the chairperson.
  • Take charge of the finances of the district, including delivering certified statements by November 1 of any tax levied at the annual meeting to the town of Lodi clerk.  This is the responsibility of the secretary/treasurer.
  • Schedule special meetings, if needed.
  • Appoint persons to fill vacancies on the Board as needed.  This is the responsibility of the chairperson.
  • Meet at least quarterly as a board.  The secretary is responsible for posting notices and keeping minutes of board meetings and any hearings held by the board.  The chairperson is responsible for presiding at board meetings.


Prior to becoming a Lake District, we were known as the Harmony Grove Lake and Lagoon Association (HGLLA). The HGLLA was an informal neighborhood association.

On January 1, 1999, the Columbia County Planning and Zoning Commission approved the establishment of the Harmony Grove Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District (HGLPRD). The HGLPRD held its first meeting on March 8, 1999.